The College of Arms has a range of functions and offers a variety of services. In addition to arranging for the design and granting of new coats of arms, the heralds offer advice on all aspects of heraldry, genealogy, ceremony, flags and other related subjects. They have expertise in family history, heraldic design and display. Officers are also involved in the administration of the Orders of Knighthood, the regulation and registration of military insignia, and of crown badges. The College is also the authority for the coats of arms of the overseas territories and dependencies of the United Kingdom.

The College has a number of highly skilled heraldic artists who can be commissioned through an officer of arms. Clients include Government Departments and agencies in Britain and overseas; local authorities, institutions, universities and schools, commercial companies, as well as private individuals all over the world. Heralds can advise on matters relating to coats of arms, honours systems, and royalty, both for Britain and for other countries overseas. See the menu to the right for some of our main services. For all enquiries please contact the Officer in Waiting.

The heralds and pursuivants take it in turn, a week at a time, to be the officer on duty who deals with all letters, faxes, emails, and telephone calls addressed generally to the College. The Officer in Waiting, as he is termed, also sees those who make enquiries in person. He advises on whether he would be able to assist in a particular heraldic or genealogical problem, what research he would recommend and what fee would be payable for it. He will also arrange for the examination and recording in the College registers of pedigrees; and for the preparation under his supervision of a range of heraldic artwork. Any person who approaches the Officer in Waiting and employs him on some task becomes that herald's client.

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