Dates for flying the Union Flag on UK government buildings in 2024


  • 1 March: St David’s Day (in Wales)
  • 11 March: Commonwealth Day (second Monday in March)
  • 17 March: St Patrick’s Day (in Northern Ireland)
  • 9 April: His Majesty’s Wedding Day
  • 23 April: St George’s Day (in England)
  • 6 May: Coronation Day
  • 15 June: Official Birthday of His Majesty The King
  • 21 June: Birthday of The Prince of Wales
  • 17 July: Birthday of The Queen
  • 8 September: His Majesty’s Accession
  • 10 November: Remembrance Day (second Sunday in November)
  • 14 November: Birthday of His Majesty The King
  • 30 November: St Andrew’s Day (in Scotland)


  • The day of the opening of a Session of the Houses of Parliament by His Majesty, and the day of the prorogation of a Session of the Houses of Parliament by His Majesty. Flags should be flown on these days even if His Majesty does not perform the ceremony in person. Flags need to be flown in the Greater London area.

The Government has published guidance on flag-flying for UK Government buildings which can be seen here

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