The Official Roll of the Baronetage was established in 1910 by a Royal Warrant of King Edward VII. A further Royal Warrant of King George V in 1922 amended certain of the original provisions. The purpose of the Warrant is to safeguard the status of holders of baronetcies and to prevent abuse. The Warrant requires the Lord Chancellor to appoint a senior official as Registrar of the Baronetage charged with the duty of keeping the Official Roll and making all necessary entries and deletions.

The evidence of a person’s right to succeed to a baronetcy is first considered by Garter Principal King of Arms, who reports on it to the Lord Chancellor.

Proving succession to a Baronetcy

Once a claim is made out the claimant’s name will be entered on the Official Roll of the Baronetage. The Roll is maintained by the Registrar of the Baronetage, and is published by the Standing Council of Baronetage here.

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