Oriel College Boat Club

A grant of a Badge was made to The Provost and Scholars of the House of the Blessed Mary the Virgin in Oxford commonly called Oriel College of the Foundation of Edward the Second of famous memory sometime King of England, for the use of Oriel College Boat Club, the Tortoise Club and the Oriel Society, by Letters Patent dated 20 April 2009 of Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy & Ulster Kings of Arms. A standard was exemplified, as illustrated left. College reference: Standards 5/125.

The Badge is blazoned A Tortoise displayed the shell circular Azure charged with two concentric annulets Argent.

The Patent was presented to the Provost at Oriel on 30 May by Clive Cheesman, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant.
The grant was made possible by the gen-erosity of Michael Goolden, an Orielensis and formerly member of the college's first eight.

Welcome to the twenty-first edition of the College of Arms Newsletter.

Fire at the College of ArmsThe fire alarm sounded at ten minutes to eleven on Thursday 5 February at a time when 'Chapter', the heralds' governing body was having its monthly meeting. The fire was already too well established to be tackled with fire-extinguishers, so the Fire Brigade were called. The evacuation plan was immediately put in action by the College's house comptroller, David White, and the officer on duty, and within minutes the building was clear. No-one was hurt, and no damage was done to the official records of the College of Arms, which date back to the fifteenth century.

Peter Gwynn-Jones, Garter King of Arms, said: "This event is a great sadness to all of us who work here. We will work hard to put the building right over the forthcoming weeks, but we will remain open for business. I am glad that our emergency plan worked well, and I am really grateful to the Fire Brigade for the exceptional care they took, knowing what national treasures we care for here."

The fire was successfully contained; the building, which had been swiftly evacuated, suffered damage to the two upper floors of its west wing only, some distance from the archive storage areas. A number of rooms there will now need to be repaired and redecorated.

Welcome to the twentieth edition of the College of Arms Newsletter.

John Blundell, of the City of Westminster: a grant of Arms, Crest and Badge was made by Letters Patent of Garter and Clarenceux dated 30 May 2008. College reference: Grants 173/201.

The Arms (illustrated right) are blazoned: Sable three Bendlets and three Bendlets sinister conjoined Or on a Chief also Or three Stag's heads caboshed Sable.

Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Or and Sable A Glove erect Sable holding in the fingers a Pin point upwards Or.

Badge (illustrated below): A Bell Sable suspended from a Yoke Or.

Welcome to the nineteenth edition of the College of Arms Newsletter

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