On Sunday 14 July 2024, Departments of His Majesty's Government are encouraged to fly an England flag - the Cross of St George - to celebrate the England Men's Football Team reaching the final of Euro 2024, in addition to the Union flag. Where both flags are flown, the Union flag should be in the superior position.

Local authorities and other bodies and individuals are not bound by flag-flying instructions but may wish to follow them.

Enquiries regarding the correct protocols for the flying of Union and other flags should be addressed to the Officer in Waiting at the College of Arms in the first instance.

The Christening of Edward VIThe College of Arms has lent an important manuscript, known as ‘M6: Interments of Queens, Tiltings, Tournaments &c.’, to the National Portrait Gallery for display at the exhibition ‘Six Lives: The Stories of Henry VIII’s Queens’. College of Arms Ms M6 is displayed in the room dedicated to Queen Jane, opened on a page showing an illustration of the procession to the christening in 1537 at Hampton Court Palace of Prince Edward, Duke of Cornwall, later King Edward VI. The drawings were probably created in the 1560s and the costumes here reflect the fashions of that time rather than of the 1530s. Interestingly, Princess, later Queen, Elizabeth, is depicted here as a young woman rather than as the small child she was at the time of the christening. Also in the exhibition is an enlarged reproduction of a section of the College’s famous Westminster Tournament Roll, displayed as a backdrop to a set of King Henry VIII’s tournament armour. 

The exhibition opens today and runs until 8 September. Further details may be found here.

Charles III banknoteBanknotes featuring a portrait of His Majesty The King were first issued in the United Kingdom on 5 June 2024. The portrait of the King appears on existing designs of all four banknotes (£5, £10, £20, and £50), with no other changes to the existing designs. They incorporate heraldic shields representing England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Coronation Roll

03 May 2024

Coronation RollThe online version of the Coronation Roll of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla was launched today. The Coronation Roll is the official record of a Coronation and the earliest surviving roll is that of King Edward II and Queen Isabella in 1308.

The text of the Coronation Roll was compiled with the assistance of Garter King of Arms and other officers of His Majesty's College of Arms. The illumination beginning the roll (illustrated left) was designed and painted by Timothy Noad, Herald-Painter at the College of Arms, and depicts The King’s Arms, St Edward’s Crown, and the plant badges of the United Kingdom. The text of the Roll was scrivened by calligrapher Stephanie von Werthern-Gill.

On 26 April 2024, Antonia Romeo, Clerk of the Crown in Chancery, signed the completed roll at the College of Arms, in the presence of Garter King of Arms and other representatives of the College of Arms, Cabinet Office and National Archives. On 1 May, the roll was presented to Their Majesties The King and Queen at Buckingham Palace. Their Majesties received Timothy Noad to thank him for his work on the roll and his other heraldic work for Their Majesties.

The online version of the roll may be seen here. An interview with Garter King of Arms may be seen here. The BBC report of the signing at the College of Arms may be seen here.

Clux coat of armsGrants of Arms to Commercial Companies: The College of Arms has published a booklet on the subject of corporate grants of arms. An online version of it may be seen here. Enquiries about grants to companies should be addressed to the Officer in Waiting in the first instance.

Commercial firms have been granted coats of arms by the College of Arms for centuries. The first such grant in the College’s ‘modern’ (post-1673) grant records was by Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms to the firm of Peter de Clux, William Sherard and Paul Clowdesley and Partners, makers of alamodes, renforcé, and lute strings, on 14 March 1692 [Coll. Arms Grants 4/112]. The arms are seen right, with the blazon being:

Arms: Argent on a Cheveron Azure between two Butterflies countervolant in Chief Sable and a Mulbery Tree proper on a Mount in base Vert both charged with several Silkworms Or, three Cocoons or Silkworms Eggs of the last.

Crest: A Justice proper Crined Or, about the head a Glory, in the Right hand a Sword hilt and pomel gold, blade proper, in the left a pair of Scales Or.

Coat of Arms of British Airways PLCA more recent grant was that on 20 January 1975 to the British Airways Board. Arms, crest and a badge were granted by Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms, and supporters by Garter King of Arms. [Coll. Arms Grants 137/62]. The blazon was as follows:

Arms: Argent between a Chief and a Bendlet sinister couped Gules a Gyron issuing from the dexter the point in sinister chief Azure.

Crest: Rising from an Astral Crown Or a Sun irradiated proper.

Supporters: On the dexter a Pegasus Argent crined unguled and winged Or gorged with an Astral Crown Azure and holding in the mouth a Sprig of Olive fructed proper and on the sinister a Lion guardant winged at the shoulders Or gorged with an Astral Crown Azure the whole upon a Compartment of a Grassy Mound proper dimidiating Water barry wavy Azure and Argent.

Badge (not illustrated): Within a Chaplet of Oak proper an Astral Crown Or.

On 20 October 1984 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II issued a Royal Licence transferring these arms to British Airways p.l.c and on 15 November 1984 the Earl Marshal issued a warrant ordering the Kings of Arms to exemplify the arms [Coll. Arms I.84/194]. On 18 December 1985 the three Kings of Arms issued Letters Patent exemplifying the arms in favour of British Airways p.l.c [Coll. Arms Grants 149/30].

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