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January 2019 Newsletter (no. 57) Featured

Coll Arm Ms I38.197 compressedSir Harford Jones and the Arms of Persia: During the Napoleonic Wars both Britain and France competed to form an alliance with the Persian Empire. The records of the College of Arms contain a transcript of a letter sent to the Foreign Secretary, George Canning, from Sir Harford Jones, British Minister at the Persian Court, dated 29th March 1809 at Tehran, which recounts an unusual series of diplomatic manoeuvres resulting in an unique heraldic honour. Jones recounts how at the behest of the French Ambassador, the Persian Emperor created the Order of the Lion and the Sun, an order of chivalry on the model of those which existed in Europe, and awarded it to several French dignitaries, including the famous diplomat Talleyrand.

The Emperor then offered the order to Sir Harford, but on the grounds of its instigation by and award to Napoleon’s representatives, he viewed himself as unable to accept it. The Emperor expressed disappointment, and in order to mitigate the situation, Jones offered to accept any other honour that His Majesty could give, and therefore received a patent granting him the right to use the Imperial Arms of Persia, with Supporters and surmounted by the Imperial Crown on a cushion. The letter concludes by stating that Jones would await his Sovereign’s command as to whether to actually make use of this unique honour, and precisely a year later on the 29th March 1810, George III issued a warrant to the Earl Marshal giving such permission and directing it to be recorded at the College of Arms. While the text of the Persian patent does not specify any limitations on how Sir Harford used the Imperial Arms, as recorded at the College of Arms they were added as a chief to his personal arms of Argent a Chevron Sable between three Ravens in the Centre Chief point the Star of the Imperial Ottoman Order of the Crescent proper, and the Imperial Crown on a cushion used as a second crest. College Reference: I.38/193; illustration of patent I.38/197.

In Memoriam

Sir Conrad Swan KCVO FSA, sometime Garter Principal King of Arms, has died aged 94. Born in Canada in 1924, he served in the Indian Army during the Second World War and later lectured in History at Assumption University, Ontario. He joined the College of Arms as its first Canadian officer with his appointment as Rouge Dragon Pursuivant in 1962, and was subsequently promoted to the office of York Herald in 1968. He served as Registrar of the College between 1982 and 1992; and was appointed Garter King of Arms in 1992. He was knighted in 1994 and retired as Garter the following year.

Recent Grants of Arms

A very small selection of those recently receiving grants or exemplifications from the English Kings of Arms:

BERN, Stéphane, of Arrondissement de l’Opera, Paris, France, Hon. MBE. Honorary Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 10/12/2018. College reference: Grants 181/329.

Boatwright JGP ACA grant of Honorary Arms, Crest and Badge was made to John Garland Pollard BOATWRIGHT of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA, by Letters Patent of Garter, Clarenceux, and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms dated 19 November 2018. College reference: Grants 181/310. The blazon is as follows:

Arms: Or on a Fess Azure between three Anchors Gules a Dove descending wings displayed and inverted between two Maltese Crosses Argent.

Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Or and Azure An Anchor fesswise Or in front of a Lymphad Azure each castle charged with a Dogwood Flower proper flags and pennon flying Gules a sail of the Arms.

Badge (not illustrated): A Sunburst inverted proper the rays Or enfiling the branches of an Orange Tree eradicated Vert fructed proper.

Brough AE ACA grant of Arms, Crest and Badge was made to Ashley Edward BROUGH of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, by Letters Patent of Garter and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms dated 22 October 2018. College reference: Grants 181/285. The blazon is as follows:

Arms: Per pale Gules and Azure four Aluminium Ingots fesswise in pale Argent

Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Azure A demi Wolf Azure holding in the dexter foot a Pouring Ladle bendwise sinister Sable flowing therefrom Molten Aluminium Argent

Badge (not illustrated): A demi Wolf Azure issuing from Flames proper

BURNETT OF MALDON, Ian Duncan (Burnett), Baron, of Maldon, Essex, PC. Arms, Crest, Badge and Supporters. Garter King of Arms. 12/9/2018. College reference: Grants 181/268.

COCKCROFT, Jon Barnaby Briggs, of Corsley, Wiltshire, LVO, DL. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 26/11/2018. College reference: Grants 181/316.

DYSON, Sir John Anthony Dyson, commonly called Lord Dyson, of Moor Park, Hertfordshire, PC. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 10/12/2018. College reference: Grants 181/327.

FAGAN, Lady Florence Mary, of Deane, Hampshire, LG, DCVO. Supporters and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 15/11/2018. College reference: Grants 181/339.

FAIRHEAD, Rona Alison (Fairhead), Baroness, of Yarm, North Yorkshire, CBE. Arms and Supporters. In the same Patent Arms, Crest, and Badge for Thomas Edwin FAIRHEAD, her husband. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 15/9/2018. College reference: Grants 181/318.

HEYWOOD OF WHITEHALL, Jeremy John (Heywood), Baron, of Glossop, Derbyshire, GCB, CVO. Supporters. Garter King of Arms. 3/11/2018. College reference: Grants 181/312.

HOGAN-HOWE, Bernard (Hogan-Howe), Baron, of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, QPM. Arms, Crest, and Supporters. Garter King of Arms. 20/9/2018. College reference: Grants 181/271.

HUGHES, Sir Anthony Philip Gilson, commonly called Lord Hughes of Ombersley, of Ombersley, Worcestershire, PC. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 21/11/2018. College reference: Grants 181/331

MAGEE, Linda, of Bowdon, Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, OBE. Arms and Badge. Garter and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 19/6/2018. College reference: Grants 181/262.

RUGMAN, Claud Anthony Roderick, of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 11/10/2018. College reference: Grants 181/266.

RUTHERFORD, Elizabeth Rosemary Claude Maitland Pelen, of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Arms and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 7/11/2018. College reference: Grants 181/321.

SHERMAN, John Richard, of Lynn, Massachusetts, USA. Honorary Arms and Crest. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 24/8/2018. College reference: Grants 181/248.

Storey AD ACA grant of Arms, Crest and Badge was made to Alastair Dunbar STOREY of Boxford in West Berkshire, OBE, by Letters Patent of Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms dated 26 November 2018. College reference: Grants 181/308. The blazon is as follows:

Arms: Argent a Cornucopia mouth downwards Gules replenished with a Bunch of Red Grapes leaved proper all between three Linden Leaves pallwise slips inwards Azure.

Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Azure Within a Circlet of Wheels Gules alternating with Thistle Heads proper a Pineapple Or leaved Vert.

Badge (not illustrated): A Linden Leaf slipped Azure charged with a Cornucopia mouth downwards Argent replenished with a Bunch of White Grapes leaved proper.


Mid And East Antrim Borough Council: Timothy Duke, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms, visited his heraldic province in December to present Letters Patent granting Arms, Crest, Supporters and a Badge to the Mayor and Councillors of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, in the presence of Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for the County of Antrim, Mrs Joan Christie CVO OBE. Information about the Arms and the presentation can be had here. The borough was created in 2015 from the merger of the former boroughs of Ballymena, Carrickfergus and Larne.

Who Do You Think You Are?: Peter O'Donoghue, York Herald, appeared on the US version of this television programme, first broadcast on 10 December 2018, which investigated the ancestry of actor Josh Duhamel.


Probus Club of Barnes, Sheen and Mortlake: Patric Dickinson, Clarenceux King of Arms, gave a talk on heraldry and the heralds to this society on 7 November 2018.

The Heraldry Society: on 19 December 2018, David White, Somerset Herald, gave a lecture to this society entitled ‘British Heraldry of the Great War’. It discussed the heraldry of naval and military commanders and other combatants, together with that of those responsible for armaments manufacture, and drew attention to how these designs commemorated the First World War and celebrated the victory of 1918.


At the Roots of Heraldry: Collected Papers of John Archibald Goodall: The Harleian Society, the society devoted to the publication of heraldic and genealogical manuscripts, has published the papers of John Goodall, a former research assistant at the College of Arms, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and respected heraldic scholar. The wide-ranging papers collected are of general interest to heraldists and include an important armorial of pre-reformation religious corporations. The volume includes an appreciation of John Goodall's work by Thomas Woodcock, Garter King of Arms. Copies may be ordered and subscriptions to the society’s publications taken out at its website.

Recently Recorded Pedigrees

HOLLAND-SOWLER: A pedigree of three generations is headed by Thomas Richard Holland Holland-Sowler (formerly Sowler) of Ramsey, Isle of Man, formerly of Northumberland, who took the additional name and arms of Holland by Royal Licence dated 21 March 1991. Cross-referenced to Norfolk 52/125. College reference: Surrey 32/287.

MADAN: A pedigree has been recorded which shows a descent of thirteen generations to the present day from Richard Madan, Mayor of Waterford in 1599, and his wife Anstace Comerford. It descends via Christobal Martin Eduardo Madan of La Laguna, Teneriffe, Canary Islands (died 1818), and the Madan family of Havana, Cuba. Also included is a descent of four generations from Douwe van Sistema VAN GROVESTINS of the Netherlands, who in 1736 married Carolina daughter of Friedericus Augustus Schütz. College reference: Norfolk 52/161.

STUBBER: A pedigree of seven generations, descending to the present day, is headed by Alexander Chetwood Stubber (formerly Hamilton), who took the name and arms of Stubber by Royal Licence dated 20 February 1824. It ends with the children and grandchildren of John Henry Hamilton Stubber (died 1986). Cross-referenced to Norfolk 17/32, Irish Grants D/150, Peers 9/302. College reference: Norfolk 52/167

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