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July 2015 Newsletter (no. 43)

Battle of Vittoria A4 compressedThis design for a ceremonial collar for the Duke of Wellington was prepared under the direction of Garter King of Arms, Sir George Nayler, at the request of King George IV. It was first commissioned when the King was Prince Regent, according to Nayler's later account, in 1814. Ten battles in which he led the army were commemorated on ten 'Union Badges' as they were termed, although as one is Waterloo the design must only have been completed after June 1815. The names of four more battles are engraved on the cross pendant from the collar. A letter written by Nayler some time after 1820 (when the Prince Regent had inherited the throne and reigned as King George IV) describes how, having had the collar made, the King could not decide how best to present it to Wellington without offending other commanders who might feel slighted at not having also received a similar honour, and still at the time of writing had not actually given it to the Duke. It was presented in around 1825 and is now on display at Apsley House, formerly 'No. 1, London'.

For more examples of College of Arms records relating to Waterloo and to Wellington, see our online exhibition here.


The Bank of England, responsible for the issue of United Kingdom banknotes, has recently conducted a public nomination exercise to determine which visual artist should appear on new £20 notes. The Bank also announced on 20 July 2015 that future banknotes, starting with a new £5 note in 2016, will bear armorial symbols representing the four home nations of the United Kingdom. The imagery will be taken from the Royal Arms and from the Welsh Royal Badge. Information about the new notes can be found here.

Recent Grants of Arms

A very small selection of those recently receiving grants or exemplifications from the Kings of Arms:

Arms of Fiona Josephine AdlerA grant of Arms and Badge (illustrated left) was made to Fiona Josephine ADLER of Newtown, Hampshire by Letters Patent of Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms dated 18 December 2014. College reference: Grants 178/218. They are blazoned:

Arms: Paly of four Argent and Gules an Eagle displayed the Wings surmounting in each side a Sword erect Or.

Badge: In front of a Candle Gules enflamed proper a Sprig of Tobacco Plant Vert and a Sprig of Oak also Vert fructed Or crossed in saltire.

BOOTH, John David Sebastian, of Arundel, West Sussex. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 2/6/2014. College reference: Grants 178/173.

CROSSFIELD, Hermione Mary of the London Borough of Lambeth, OBE. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 29/12/2014. College reference: Grants 178/213.

THE DUKE OF YORK'S ROYAL MILITARY SCHOOL. Her Majesty The Queen was pleased to grant her Royal Licence dated 26 February 2014 to permit the school to bear a Badge incorporating a Royal Crown, together with such Arms and Crest as might be proper. A grant of Arms, Crest and Badge was therefore made by Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms, dated Letters Patent dated 11 July 2014. College reference: Grants 178/244.

FALMOUTH UNIVERSITY. Arms and Crest. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 15/10/2014. College reference: Grants 178/179.

HAMILTON, Palmer Clarkson, of the City of Washington, D.C. and of Mobile, Alabama, USA. Honorary Arms and Crest. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 29/5/2014. College reference: Grants 178/185.

MCKINNON, Sir Donald Charles, of Auckland, New Zealand, ONZ, GCVO, PC, son of Walter Sneddon McKinnon late of Taupo, New Zealand, CB, CBE, deceased. Arms and Crest, to be placed on a monument to his late father and borne by him and by the other descendants of his late father. Supporters. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 15/8/2015. College reference: Grants 178/187.

MARTIN, Dick Anthony Charles, of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 10/11/2014. College reference: Grants 178/196.

Arms of William RobertsA grant of Arms and Crest (illustrated left) and Badge (not illustrated) was made to William Sherbrooke ROBERTS of Deganwy, Conwy by Letters Patent of Garter and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms dated 17 December 2014. College reference: Grants 178/209. The blazon reads:

Arms: Quarterly Or and Sable four Pheons in saltire points inwards counterchanged within a Chain in orle Argent.

Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Or and Sable On a Rocky Mount therein the entrance to a Cave proper a Lion statant Or armed Argent supporting with the dexter forefoot a Billet erect Gules charged with three Mullets Or.

Badge: A Pheon point upwards Sable between three Mullets two and one Or.

ROBINSON, David, of Alverton, Nottinghamshire, OBE. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 5/12/2014. College reference: Grants 178/198.

STEVENS, Heather Vivienne, of Porthkerry, Vale of Glamorgan, CBE. Arms and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 4/12/2014. College reference: Grants 178/202.

Arms of Anthony StrattonA grant of Arms, Crest and Badge (illustrated right) was made to Anthony John STRATTON of Headington, Oxfordshire, DL, by Letters Patent of Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms dated 18 November 2014. College reference: Grants 178/177. The blazon is:

Arms: Per fess wavy Argent and Azure three Rugby Balls palewise per fess wavy counterchanged laced Sable in chief three Pointed Crosses Azure.

Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Azure A Norman Door Sable within a Norman Doorway Or.

Badge: A Pointed Cross Or surmounted by a Bustard in flight wings elevated and addorsed proper.

SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY. Arms were granted to the Chief Constable for the use of the Suffolk Constabulary. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 8/8/2014. College reference: Grants 178/253.

WILSON, Sir Robert James Timothy, of Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, Knight, DL. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 18/11/2014. College reference: Grants 178/175.


State Opening of Parliament: The Officers of Arms were in attendance when Her Majesty The Queen proceeded to Parliament on 27 May 2015 to open a new Parliament following the General Election.

Shield-hanging at Lancaster Castle: on 5 June 2015 this annual ceremony for the incoming High Sheriff of the county took place in the presence of Timothy Duke, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms. It was preceded by a service in the Priory Church. Details of the occasion can be seen here.

The Order of the Garter: the annual service took place in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle on 15 June 2015 in the presence of the Sovereign, Her Majesty The Queen. The heralds were in attendance including Thomas Woodcock, King of Arms of the Order, and Patric Dickinson, Secretary of the Order.

Trinity College, Cambridge: on 12 July 2015 Christopher Vane, Portcullis Pursuivant, gave a talk and led a group activity for children with the title 'Heralds and Pursuivants' at the college's Alumni Family Day.

Recent group visits: the College of Arms has been pleased to host evening visits from the following groups, amongst others, in recent weeks: the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives; Beckenham DFAS; the Institute of Directors; Brentwood U3A; Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society; the Ephemera Society.

Agincourt Commemorations: 2015 sees the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. King Henry V spent two months in Hampshire in 1415, assembling and preparing his army and fleet before sailing to Harfleur on 11 August. During this time he stayed at least ten days at the palace in Bishop's Waltham belonging to his uncle Henry Cardinal Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester. On 16-19 July 2015 a medieval experience called 'The Road to Agincourt' was staged amongst the surviving ruins of the palace, with the assistance of Timothy Duke, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms. In particular he was responsible for judging designs of coats of arms prepared by local schoolchildren. Peter O'Donoghue, York Herald, is a member of the Executive Committee of Agincourt600, the national organizing committee for Agincourt commemorations which will culminate in a service at Westminster Abbey on 29 October 2015.

Early Footage of College of Arms: a large archive of early newsreel footage has been placed online by Movietone/Associated Press. This includes what is described as the first film ever taken in the College, which can be viewed here.

Recently Recorded Pedigrees

COMPTON: a pedigree of five generations descending to the present day and headed by George William Compton of Kimberley, Cape Colony (born 1847), who married Rosina daughter of William Vicary. College reference: Surrey 32/170.

COWLEY: a pedigree of eight generations headed by Robert Cowley of Chester District, South Carolina, USA. He served in the Revolutionary Army in 1776 and died in 1846 aged 96. Descent to the present day via his grandson Robert Cowley of Covington, Hill Co., Texas, formerly of Monroe County, Mississippi (born 1818), who married Anernell Rebecca daughter of Meredith M. Meador. College reference: Norfolk 52/64.

HARRIS: a pedigree of seven generations descends to the present day, being headed by Amour D. Harris of Fall Rover Township, La Salle Co., Illinois, USA (died 1868), and Betsy Craddock his wife. A connected pedigree shows a descent from William FOSTER of West Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois, who was born in 1794 in Bewick, Yorkshire and who in 1819 married Mary daughter of Charles Shirley. A descent from them leads to Nina Marbella daughter of Clinton Foster BAIRD, and wife of Earl Lelbert NEWSOM (born 1899). From them a descent is shown to Janet Rose wife of Charles Marion Harris. College reference: Norfolk 52/59-61.

TALBOT: a pedigree of five generations is headed by Sir John Talbot of Lacock, Wiltshire (born 1630, died 1713/14). It descends in the female line from their daughter Barbara wife of Henry (Yelverton), Viscount de Longueville, Baron GREY OF RUTHIN; their daughter Barbara married Reynolds CALTHORPE, whose daughter, another Barbara, married Sir Henry GOUGH of Edgbaston, Warwickshire, Baronet. The latter's daughter Barbara married Isaac SPOONER of Elmdon Hall, Warwickshire. Cross-referenced to C40/164b; Le Neve's Baronets II/90; 2D14/172; I33/204; 8D14/230; Norfolk 40/106. College reference: Surrey 32/176.

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