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June 2011 Newsletter (No. 29)

Arms of the University of Lincoln
Arms of the University of Lincoln

Welcome to the twenty-ninth edition of the College of Arms Newsletter.

University of Lincoln

A grant of Arms, Crest, Badge and Supporters was made to the University of Lincoln by Letters Patent of Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms dated 12 May 2011. The Letters Patent recite the history of the university leading up to its establishment in 2001. The Patent was presented to the university at a ceremony on 18 June 2011 by Peter O'Donoghue, Bluemantle Pursuivant, in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant for Lincolnshire, Mr Antony Worth, at the inaugural meeting of the university's Court. College reference: Grants 175/270. The blazon is as follows:


Arms: Argent a Pall reversed between in chief two closed Books Azure garnished Or and in base a Garb Azure banded Or.

Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Azure Upon the top of a Gothic Tower Azure a Peregrine Falcon guardant close Or.

Badge: A Fleur de Lys Azure enfiling an Annulet embattled on the outer edge Or.
Supporters: On either side a Swan Argent holding in the beak a Fleur de Lys Gules.



Honours and dignities: Thomas Woodcock, Garter King of Arms, was appointed a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in Her Majesty's Birthday Honours. Henry Paston-Bedingfeld, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms, has succeeded his late father as a Baronet.

National Assembly for Wales: Her Majesty The Queen opened the fourth session of the Welsh Assembly at the Senedd, Cardiff, on 7 May 2011. Thomas Lloyd, Wales Herald Extraordinary, was in attendance. Footage of the ceremony can be seen here.

Cumberland LodgeCumberland Lodge: an exhibition entitled 'A Pageant of Heraldry' at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park was opened by The Earl Marshal on 31 May. Included are a number of manuscripts from the College's archives, as well as tabards, armorial porcelain, and banners, including the banner of the late HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (left), which has been kindly lent by Her Majesty The Queen from the Royal Chapel. Cumberland Lodge holds free open days throughout the year: for details of these see the website here.

Christopher Collins: the College notes with sadness the death of Chris Collins on 20 June 2011, following an illness, borne with fortitude. Chris followed training at art school with five years' service in the Army. He then returned to work for the remainder of his life as a gifted professional artist, concentrating in particular on military and heraldic subjects. He worked as a heraldic artist at the College of Arms, preparing paintings and drawings to the very high standard that the College requires. He also worked as an artist for the Inspectorate of Regimental Colours, based here, an area in which he had considerable expertise.

Recent Grants of Arms

A very small selection of those recently receiving grants or exemplifications from the English Kings of Arms:

AMLOT, Martin Graham Clive of Thurstaston, Merseyside, OBE, DL. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 27/9/2010. College reference: Grants 175/128.

BANKS, Jeffrey Tatham, of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, CBE. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 22/9/2010. College reference: Grants 175/126.

BOSWELL OF AYHNO, Timothy Eric (Boswell), Baron, of Aynho, Northamptonshire. Arms, Crest, Badge and Supporters. Garter King of Arms. 29/9/2010. College reference: Grants 175/177.

HALLETT, Dame Heather Carol, of the City of Westminster, DBE, PC. Arms. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 6/8/2010. College reference: Grants 175/175.

LONGLEY, Bernard, of the City of Birmingham, Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Birmingham. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 8/11/2010. College reference: Grants 175/162.

MORKHAM, John Edward, of Boroondara, State of Victoria, Australia, RFD. Arms and Crest. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 30/11/2010. College reference: Grants 175/171.

MOTH, Charles Phillip Richard, of Farnborough, Hampshire, Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 5/10/2010. College reference: Grants 175/134.

PERKINS, Douglas John David, of the Island of Guernsey. Arms, Crest and Badge. In the same Patent, Arms were granted to Dame Mary Lesley Perkins, his wife. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 11/11/2010. College reference: Grants 175/168.

PITTMAN, Rupert Edward Leader, of Poyntington, Dorset, son of John Martin Pittman of Poyntington. Arms and Crest. The limitations of the grant were extended to the other descendants of his father. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 10/9/2010. College reference: Grants 175/115.

POWERS, Timothy Michael, of Middletown, State of New York, USA, son of John Thomas Powers and grandson of Walter Powers, who was late of New York City but born in Lismore, Co. Waterford. Honorary Arms and Crest. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 21/10/2010. College reference: 175/144.

WORTH, Richard Westwood of Auckland, New Zealand, OBE, VRD. Arms and Crest. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 22/9/2010. College reference: Grants 175/152.

UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER. Arms and Crest. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 15/6/2010. College reference: Grants 175/76.

Alistair John CLIFF ArmsAlistair John CLIFF, of West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, was granted Arms (right) by Letters Patent of Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms dated 1/3/2011. The blazon is as follows:

Arms: Per fess Sable and Argent a Pale counterchanged the Sable semy of Mullets Or.

Crest: On a Helm with a Wreath of the Colours A Wolf's Head erased Gules gorged with a Collar compony Sable and Argent each Sable piece charged with a Mullet Or attached thereto a Chain reflexed behind and held in the mouth the last link broken also Or.

Badge: Two Talbots countercourant in pale that in chief Or that in base Sable each gorged with a plain Collar attached thereto a Line terminating in a Ring reflexed over the back and environing the other counterchanged.
College reference: Grants 175/245.


Society of Antiquaries of London: Clive Cheesman was elected a Fellow of this society on 19 May 2011.

Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives: on 21 May 2011 Patric Dickinson, LVO. Clarenceux King of Arms, was appointed President of this national association of professional genealogists.


The Order of the Garter: the annual service of the Order took place on 13 June 2011 at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, in the presence of its Sovereign, Her Majesty The Queen. The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, KG, PC, Admiral The Lord Boyce, KG, GCB, OBE, DL, were invested and installed as Companions. The Officers of Arms were in attendance.


Blasonics: on 18 May Clive Cheesman, Richmond Herald, delivered a lecture with the title 'Blasonics: a new heraldry for a new age' at the Heraldry Society, London.

Recently Recorded Pedigrees

ANGUS: a pedigree of seven generations is headed by James Angus of Middlesex, who married in 1788 Ann Hannah Lambert. Connected with BUDRODEEN. College reference: Norfolk 51/196.

DAVIES-COOKE: a pedigree of five generations records the descent to the present from Philip Tatton David-Cooke of Maes Alyn and of Gwysaney, both in the parish of Mold, co. Flint, and of Owston, in the West Riding of Yorkshire (born 1863). He married in 1894 to Doris daughter of Charles Donaldson-Hudson of Cheswardine Hall, co. Salop. Cross-referenced to Norfolk 21/66; Knights Pedigrees 3/2. College reference: Norfolk 51/193.

NORTHAN: a pedigree has been recorded which shows the ancestry of the Northan family, in the form of a descent from John (Grey), Lord Grey of Wilton (died 1499) and Anne his wife, daughter of Edmund (Grey), Earl of Kent. The descent passes through the ROTHERHAM, CRAWLEY, LORD, CLINE and SMITH families. Cross-referenced to 2D14/6; 4D14/54; H9/7, 31; C31/27, 56; Norfolk 42/69; K9/71; G17/24; Norfolk 47/226. College reference: Norfolk 51/188.

STURGESS: a nine generation descent from Francis Sturjas otherwise Sturgess of Aiskew in the North Riding of Yorkshire (married 1736). It descends to the present day via Thomas Sturgess of Penshurst, co. Kent, who married in 1895 to Victoria eldest daughter of John Houseman Hutchinson of Nicosia, Cyprus. Cross-referenced to Surrey 28/254. College reference: Norfolk 51/197.

WHITTOME: a pedigree has been recorded which shows four generations of this family headed by Kenneth Abinger Whittome and his siblings. It descends to the present day. Connected with LINDSAY and NEWTON. Cross-referenced to Surrey 28/254; Norfolk 51/199. College reference: Surrey 32/63.

WILTON: a three-generation pedigree shows the descendants of Leonard Wilton of Makerua, Manawatu, New Zealand (born 1892), who married Winifred Matilda daughter of James Ross Moody. College reference: Surrey 32/61.

ZUNDEL: a pedigree of five generations descends to the present day and is headed by Melchior Zundel of Basle and Lugano, both in Switzerland (born 1863). College reference: Norfolk 51/195.

tabard for a King of ArmsIllustrated left is a tabard for a King of Arms, currently on display at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park (see above).

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