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February 2005 Newsletter (No. 4)

badge of the Civil Nuclear ConstabularyWelcome to the fourth edition of the College of Arms Newsletter. The aim of the newsletter is to keep interested members of the public up-to-date with the activities of the College of Arms and its officers, including matters of genealogical and heraldic significance such as recent grants of arms and recently recorded pedigrees.

It is produced every three months and sent automatically to those who subscribe by entering their name and e-mail address in our mailing list. Other benefits for those who submit their names in this way include advance notice of College of Arms events, relevant publications, and media appearances. If you wish to remove your name from this list, to send the newsletter on to a friend, or to send a genealogical or heraldic enquiry to the College, please make use of the links listed at the top of this page.

Left: the badge of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, newly approved by Her Majesty the Queen. See below for further details.


Civil Registration: regulatory reform abandoned. In the first newsletter (May 2004) reference was made to a draft regulatory reform order and accompanying discussion document on the registration of births, marriages and deaths produced by the Office of National Statistics. After a period of consultation (in which submissions are said to have been received from more than 3400 respondents) the ONS presented a revised draft order and explanatory document in July 2004; both may be read on the ONS website. In December, however, after considering the draft and taking further written and oral evidence, the two parliamentary Regulatory Reform Committees presented their findings that the proposed reform should be abandoned. Prominent among the reasons given by both committees was the strong feeling that regulatory reform (a form of delegated legislation) was an inappropriate method for the introduction of such important changes as were proposed. The report of the Commons Regulatory Reform Committee may be read here; that of the Lords Committee here.

40th Anniversary of the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. On 24 January 1965 the Rt Hon Sir Winston Churchill, KG. OM, CH, died, precisely 70 years after the death of his father Lord Randolph Churchill. His body lay in state in Westminster Hall for three days starting on the morning of 27 January, during which time 321,360 persons visited to pay their respects. The State Funeral, which had of course been planned for many years, took place at St Paul's Cathedral on 30 January, the principal part in the organization being taken by the Earl Marshal and the Heralds under his direction. Afterwards, the body was taken by river and train to Bladon church in Oxfordshire, where it was interred. This was the first State Funeral for a person other than the Sovereign since that of the first Duke of Wellington in 1852. Television coverage of the funeral was recently broadcast again to mark the anniversary, and original documents relating to the event can be seen on the website of the National Archives. At the Cabinet War Rooms, in the mean time, a Churchill Museum has recently opened, under the aegis of the Imperial War Museum.

Recent Grants of Arms

A very small selection of those recently receiving grants or exemplifications from the English Kings of Arms:

BRIERS Richard David, CBE. Arms, crest and badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 17/5/2004. College reference: Grants 170/90.

CUE Clare Deborah. Arms and badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 19/12/2003. College reference: Grants: 170/116.

FARNATH Antony Christopher Harley, Sqn-Ldr RAFVR. Arms, crest and badge. Also arms and badge for his wife Virginia Susan Farnath (formerly Virginia Susan Leaning). Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 20/8/2004. College reference: Grants 170/96.

FISHER John Holwell, MBE, Lt-Col Royal Corps of Signals. Arms and crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 4/11/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/120.

FRAYLING Sir Christopher John, Kt. Arms, crest and badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 15/12/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/155. See the College website for an illustration and blazon of these ensigns.

GOODMAN Sir Patrick Ledger, of Motueka in New Zealand, OM (NZ), Kt, CBE. Supporters. Garter King of Arms, 30/9/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/142.

GRIFFITHS OF BURRY PORT Leslie John (Griffiths), Baron. Arms, crest and supporters. Garter King of Arms, 5/1/2005. College reference: Grants: 170/167.

GUILD OF INTERNATIONAL BANKERS. Arms, crest and supporters. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy & Ulster Kings of Arms, 26/72004. College reference: Grants: 170/139.

GUY Sir Roland Kelvin, GCB, CBE, DSO, General in the Army. Supporters. Garter King of Arms, 12/1/2005. College reference: Grants: 170/171.

HART OF CHILTON Garry Richard Rushby (Hart), Baron. Arms, crest, supporters and badge. Garter King of Arms, 18/11/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/132.

HICHENS Antony Peverell, RD, Lt-Cdr RNR, and other descendants of his father Robert Peverell Hichens DSO DSC, Lt-Cdr RNVR deceased. Arms and crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 16/12/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/157.

KALMS Harold Stanley (Kalms), Baron. Arms, crest and supporters. Garter King of Arms, 10/11/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/144.

KENWORTHY-NEALE Gordon, of Acton, Tasmania, RD, Capt RNR. Arms and crest. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy & Ulster Kings of Arms, 15/11/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/130.

LEUPOLD-CHRISTIAN Anthony Clive (formerly Anthony Clive Christian), clerk in Holy Orders, Vicar of Pevensey. Exemplification of quarterly arms for Christian and Leupold after a Royal Licence dated 17/12/2003. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 19/11/2004. College reference: Grants 170/135.

MACNICHOL Alistair Ross. Arms, crest and badge. Also arms for his wife Joanne Elizabeth MacNichol (formerly Joanne Elizabeth Baker). Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 20/10/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/107.

OFFER Clifford Jocelyn, clerk in Holy Orders, Archdeacon of Norwich and Canon residentiary and librarian of Norwich Cathedral. Arms, crest and badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms, 8/10/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/100.

ROCHE Arthur, clerk in Orders of the Church of Rome and Roman Catholic Bishop of Leeds. Arms. Garter and Norroy & Ulster Kings of Arms, 29/10/2004. College reference: Grants: 170/118.

SHARPE David Thomas, OBE. Arms, crest and badge. Garter and Norroy & Ulster Kings of Arms, 12/2/2004. College references: Grants 170/94.

TAX ADVISERS Company of. Supporters. Garter King of Arms, 10/12/2004. College reference: Grants 170/159.


Bluemantle Pursuivant. On 17 January, on successful completion of a period of probation, Michael Peter Desmond O'Donoghue was appointed to the vacant post of Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms. Peter O'Donoghue is a graduate of Cambridge University and has worked for several years as a genealogist and researcher, including time spent as research assistant to two Windsor Heralds (the late Theo Mathew and William Hunt).


Death of Peter Spurrier (formerly York Herald). On 11 January, Peter Brotherton Spurrier died at the age of 62. He was appointed Portcullis Pursuivant in 1981 and York Herald in 1992. He retired from the College of Arms in May 1993.

White Lion Society Annual General Meeting. The White Lion Society (the friends' organization of the College of Arms) held its A.G.M. at St Benet's Church, Queen Victoria Street, London, on 18 January. The meeting was followed by a reception at the College, at which members had a chance to see some of the records and collections, and hear a presentation by Christopher Harvey, head of the College's Conservation Department.

The Tournament. Broadcast on 19 February, Channel 4's programme 'The Tournament' included an interview with the historian Dr Juliet Barker, conducted in the Record Room of the College of Arms and illustrated by the Westminster Tournament Roll, which was exhibited by Robert Yorke, College archivist.

The Heralds' Visitation of London, 1687. On 25 February Dr Tim Wales, co-editor of the forthcoming Harleian Society edition of the 1687 London Visitation, spoke on this subject in the Institute of Historical Research seminar series 'The Economic and Social History of Pre-Industrial England'. The weekly seminar takes place at the I.H.R., University of London Senate House, Malet Street, London, at 5.15 pm.

Recently Recorded Pedigrees

A very small selection of pedigrees recently entered into the College's official records:

BERRY of Gainsborough, co Lincoln. A four-generation pedigree from 1909 to the present day with connected branches of the Sisson and Dye families. College reference: Surrey 31/194.

DARBISHIRE of Glenycoed, Dwygyfylchi, co Carnarvon. A four-generation pedigree showing descendants of.Vernon Darbishire, JP (born 1832, died 1878). Cross-referenced back to Norfolk 10/114. College reference: Surrey 31/193.

FOSBERY of Kildimoe and Curraghbridge, co Limerick, Donnybrook, co Dublin, and the island of St Kitts. A thirteen-generation pedigree down to the present day showing the descent of the family from Sir Thomas Coningsby of Dela Bury, co Worcester, Kt 1591, and Henry Gorges of Bascombe, co Somerset, who died in 1648/9, by way of the families of Hathway and Godfrey. Cross-referenced back to C22/364, C25/97v, I.16/302, Norfolk 2/143, 5/89, 8/31 and 24/184, Irish Registered pedigrees 19/177 and 183/69. College reference: Norfolk 51/33.

NAYLER of The Grange, Dudley, co Worcester. A four-generation pedigree showing the descendants of John Ashwin Nayler (born 1901, died 1977) including branches of the Barrett and Renouf families. Cross-referenced back to Norfolk 50/188. College reference: Norfolk 51/24

SHERIDAN of Mobberley, co Chester, and Grimsby, co Lincoln. A seven-generation pedigree from 1871 to the present day. Cross-referenced to Grants 166/57. College reference: Norfolk 51/8.

WHITLEY. A five-generation pedigree showing the descendants of William Whitley, barrister of the Inner Temple (born 1830, died 1912). Cross-referenced back to Norfolk 34/110 and Peers 10/98. College reference: Surrey 31/198.

Elsewhere in the Records

Royal Warrant of Precedence. On 3 September 2004 Her Majesty granted a warrant of precedence to Charles George Yule Balfour, younger brother of Roderic Francis Arthur, fifth Earl of Balfour, according him the style, title and precedence of the younger son of an earl, such as he would have enjoyed had his father lived to inherit the earldom. The warrant was recorded with the reference I.85/176.

Courtesy titles of adopted children. As recorded in the second newsletter (August 2004), a Royal Warrant of 30 April 2004 directed that adopted children of peers would in future be entitled to the courtesy titles of younger sons and daughters of their adoptive parents. A similar Royal Warrant of the same date addressed to Lord Lyon King of Arms has now been recorded here with the reference Miscellaneous Enrolments 2/60.

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary. Her Majesty the Queen has approved a badge for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (see above), a newly established police force under the Department of Trade and Industry. The central element is a salient griffin, which will form a prominent part of the coat of arms of the Civil Nuclear Police Authority when that body comes into being later this year under the terms of the Energy Act 2004.

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