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December 2005 Newsletter (No. 7)

badge of the NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICEWelcome to the seventh edition of the College of Arms Newsletter. This has been created to keep interested members of the public up-to-date with the activities of the College of Arms and its officers, including matters of genealogical and heraldic significance such as recent grants of arms and recently recorded pedigrees. It is produced every three months and sent automatically and free to those who subscribe by entering their name and e-mail address in our mailing list. Other benefits for those who submit their names in this way include advance notice of College of Arms events, relevant publications, and media appearances. If you wish to remove your name from this list, to send the newsletter on to a friend, or send a genealogical or heraldic enquiry to the College, please make use of the links listed at the top of this page.

Left, the badge of the NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICE, which audits the finances of all government departments and many other public bodies, and which reports to Parliament on the value for money provided. The new badge has been recorded at the College of Arms with the reference Standards 5/94.


Chief Herald of Ireland: On 31 August 2005 Fergus Gillespie was appointed to the post of Chief Herald of Ireland by the Board of the National Library of Ireland. He was previously Deputy Chief Herald and Keeper in the National Library's Genealogical Office, and succeeds Brendan O'Donoghue, who retired in September 2003. The Board has also instituted a Committee on Genealogy and Heraldry, in accordance with the provisions of the Republic of Ireland's National Cultural Institutions Act 1997.

Lieutenancy of Lancashire: Thomas Woodcock, Norroy and Ulster King of Arms, has been commissioned as a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Lancashire.

John Goodall: We note with sadness the death on 23 November of John Goodall, FSA, expert on medieval and later heraldry (as well as on sigillography and Byzantine and Islamic numismatics) and a good friend over many years to the College of Arms where he had worked as a member of staff under Sir Anthony Wagner, former Garter King of Arms. He recently joined the editorial board of The Coat of Arms, the journal of the Heraldry Society, to which he had contributed many learned articles in the 1950s and 1960s; a fuller appreciation of his contribution to heraldic studies will appear in the March number of the journal.

Cdr Chapman (left) hands over to John TonkinA new team in the Bursar's Office: This month the College of Arms has appointed a new bursar, John Tonkin, formerly of the aphasia charity Speakability and previously, for many years, of Barclays Bank. Mr Tonkin replaces Commander Robert Chapman, RN (retd), bursar since 1994, who is moving to Culpho Manor, near Ipswich, and hopes to occupy his retirement with sailing and skiing. Meanwhile Mr Tonkin is joined by a new bursar's assistant, Miss Maura Sheehan, replacing Mrs Maureen Vidale.

In the picture, Cdr Chapman (left) hands over to John Tonkin.

Recent Grants of Arms

A very small selection of those recently receiving grants or exemplifications from the English Kings of Arms:

ALEXANDER, David John, of Llanddeusant, Gwynedd. Arms and Crest. Garter and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 10/8/2005. College reference: Grants 171/13.

ALLIANCE, David (Alliance), Baron, CBE, of Manchester. Arms, Crest, Badge and Supporters. Garter King of Arms. 8/7/2005. College reference: Grants 170/323.

BEDDOWS, Ian Alexander, of Millichope, Shropshire, TD. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 10/1/2005. College reference: Grants 170/313.

CHIGNELL, Anthony Hugh, of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 30/6/2005. College reference: Grants 170/317.

CIVIL NUCLEAR POLICE AUTHORITY. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 1/11/2005. College reference: Grants 171/86.

HONEYCOMBE, John Harold, of Ayr in the State of Queensland, Australia. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 25/8/2005. College reference: Grants 171/17.

KELSEY, William Hocknor, of Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 10/8/2005. College reference: Grants 171/5.

MARRIOTT, Patrick Claude, of Stockton, Wiltshire, CBE. Arms and Crest. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 10/6/2005. College reference: Grants 170/309.

RANCE, Christopher Kenneth, of the London Borough of Lambeth. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 20/12/2004. College reference: Grants 171/11.

ROBINSON, Peter Fowler, of Clitheroe, Lancashire. Arms and Crest. Garter and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 14/4/2005. College reference: Grants 170/355.

ROTH, Jonathan Carl, of Des Moines, Iowa, USA, son of John Stephan Roth by his wife Pamela a British Citizen by birth, daughter of William Rothwell of Amesbury, co. Wiltshire. Honorary Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter, Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms. 6/6/2005. College reference: Grants 170/311.

SCHIEMANN, Sir Konrad Hermann Theodor, of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Knight. Arms, Crest and Badge. Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. 17/12/2004. College reference: Grants 170/329.

SHEPHARD OF NORTHWOLD, Gillian Patricia (Shephard), Baroness, of Northwold, co. Norfolk. Arms, Badge and Supporters. Garter King of Arms. 6/10/2005. College reference: Grants 171/56.


The Development of English Heraldry: David White, Somerset Herald will be speaking on this theme to four branches of Genootshap Nederland-Engeland (the Netherlands-England Society) in March 2006. He will be giving this lecture at Utrecht (21st March), Deventer (22nd), Breda (23rd) and Maastricht (24th).

Exhibitions and Receptions

Nelson’s HeraldryNelson's Heraldry: The exhibition about Nelson's heraldry currently on show in the Earl Marshal's Court has now been augmented by a re-creation of Nelson's uniform, comprising full dress coat, waistcoat and hat. The coat was fashioned by Ede and Ravenscroft (the well-known firm of robemakers) from a detailed study of the undress coat worn by Nelson at Trafalgar, preserved at the National Maritime Museum. Visible in the photograph (left) are the four stars he wore at the time of his death: top, the Order of the Bath; middle left, the Neapolitan Order of St Ferdinand and Merit; middle right, the Ottoman Order of the Star and Crescent; and bottom, the bogus Order of St Joachim created and hawked around the Courts of Europe by 'Sir' Levett Hanson.

In January it is intended to expand the section of the display relating to Nelson's state funeral, which took place at St. Paul's Cathedral on 9 January 1806. Sir Isaac Heard, Garter King of Arms, was responsible for organizing the ceremonial of the funeral. The exhibition will continue until 31 January 2006 and is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Anthony Powell Society: On 30 November and 2 December 2005 an unusual use was made of the Earl Marshal's Court when it was converted into a temporary auditorium for rehearsed readings of The Garden God, a little-known play by the novelist Anthony Powell, the centenary of whose birth falls on 21 December.

An exhibition about the life and work of Anthony Powell is being staged at the Wallace Collection until 5 February 2006, and an associated conference (organized by the Anthony Powell Society) was held there on 2 and 3 December. Patric Dickinson, Richmond Herald, is Chairman of the Anthony Powell Society, and it was he who arranged the readings, principally as an entertainment for conference delegates. The performances were given by members of the Bar Theatrical Society along with two young professional actors.

Anthony Powell was a keen genealogist, who visited the College periodically from the 1930s to the 1970s. He was granted arms in 1944 but later managed to establish a male-line descent from Llywelyn Crugeryr (living in Radnorshire in the 14th century), which gave him an entitlement to the simple arms Sable an Eagle displayed Argent. He was a friend of Sir Anthony Wagner, Garter King of Arms, with whom he had professional dealings from the 1950s onwards.

Wagner was doubtless responsible for persuading Powell to lend his name to a letter published in The Times in March 1971 complaining about the proposed installation of street lamps immediately outside the College building. The other nineteen signatories included John Betjeman, Osbert Lancaster and Nikolaus Pevsner, but their protest was to no avail. The lamps were duly erected, and they remain there to this day.


Coronation: A History of Kingship and the British Monarchy by Sir Roy Strong was published in October 2005. This substantial work is based to a significant extent on the records of coronations held by the College of Arms, whose Officers, under the Earl Marshal, assist in the organization of these great state occasions. Hubert Chesshyre, Clarenceux King of Arms, introduced Sir Roy Strong at a pre-publication lecture on this topic at the Windsor Festival on 1 October.

Recently Recorded Pedigrees

BASSET of Stratton, co. Cornwall. A pedigree of seven generations showing descent from John Basset of Stratton and of Mayfair, co. Middlesex (born 1791), a writer on Cornish mining. Cross referenced to Peers 4/57, Peers 9/254, Baronets Pedigrees 3/290. College reference: Norfolk 51/50.

BLAKE (formerly LYNCH) of Ballinrobe co Mayo and Belmont House co Galway. A four-generation pedigree showing the descent of Anne Jane Blake (died 1868), wife of Edward Harwood of Durell Villa, Torre, co Devon, from James CUFF of Elm Hall co Mayo, MP. Cross-references to Grants 49/348, Norfolk 47/132, Irish Record Pedigrees 14/296 and Irish Peers Pedigrees 186/66. College reference: Surrey 31/249.

CARY (formerly COXON). A five-generation pedigree showing the descent of the children of Henry John Edward Cary (born 1951) of Brograve Farm, Sea Balling co Norfolk, from his great-grandfather Lionel Henry St Croix Cary (formerly Coxon) of Torre Abbey, co Devon. Cross-references to Surrey 1/156, I.77/287 and Grants 85/40. College reference: Surrey 31/248.

COTTRELL of Laurendon Forstal, Challock Lees co Kent. A three-generation pedigree showing the issue of Michael Noel Francis Cottrell (died 1996) by his wife Amanda Arianwen Cecilia, daughter of Stafford Vaughan Stepney HOWARD of Algar's Garth, Greystoke, co Cumberland. Cross-references back to Surrey 9/136 and I.78/304. College reference: Surrey 31/251.

HARRISON of Georgia and Texas, USA. A pedigree of seven generations headed by Rebekah, wife of Thomas Ansley otherwise Ainsley of Warren County, Georgia, a prisoner of the American revolutionary forces in 1779. It descends via her son Benjamin Harrowson or Harrison of Warren County (died 1836). College reference: Norfolk 51/46.

HOWSON. Five-generation pedigree showing the descent of Frank Eugene Howson (born 1944) of Soudeilles in the departement of Corrèze, France, from his great-great-grandfather Robert BARLOW of Tyldesley, co pal Lancaster weaver. College reference: Surrey 31/247.

POTTER of Buile Hill and Pendleton near Manchester, of Manchester, co. Lancaster, and of London. Five generation pedigree headed by Sir Thomas Potter (born 1774). Connected with KINGSCOTE of Kingscote, co. Gloucester and of Rahoon, co. Galway. Cross-referenced to Surrey 15/201. College reference: Norfolk 51/51.

RIGGE of Hawkshead, co. Lancaster and elsewhere. A pedigree of eleven generations showing the descent from Clement Rigge of Hawkshead (buried 1727/8). Descends via Gray Rigge of Wood Broughton, Cartmel, co. Westmorland and of Leyburn co. York (born 1783). Connected to MOORE of Westmorland and to MOORE of Stockwell, co. Surrey. Cross-referenced to C37/126 and 5D14/110. College reference: Norfolk 51/59.

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